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“This is not a token for mere investors, it is a cryptocurrency for investors who care about the welfare of humanity.


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The Problem

According to the Oxfam report, Mass unemployment, food supply disruptions and declining aid due to the pandemic could cause up to 12,000 world hunger deaths a day by the end of this year. However, before the pandemic existed, there were people dying of hunger due to lack of food.

That's just one of the problems ...

Seventeen million people die each year because they cannot get the necessary medicines, according to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Respiratory infections, malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis and sexual diseases crush poor countries. The drugs are prohibitive or old, so the side effects are harmful. Even so, the industry "does not see it profitable to invest in research."

And meanwhile, millions of thousands of people die every day.

Can we do something about it? YES!

The Solution

We did not come to reinvent the wheel, we came to give it speed. The purpose of the HealTheWorld token is to continually raise funds to contribute to those organizations that are already helping people. we're going to give them a boost!

Many people find it difficult to make a donation to India, or to any other distant country, but thanks to the BlochChain technology through our token now you can make a change!

Think about it, the money you buy a coffee with can make a helpless little girl eat for a whole month, or provide the medicine she needs to live.

The opportunity to save a life is before you, what are you going to do about it?

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We have done a great amount so far with what we have, yet we have so much more to bring!



💙 Projects concept originates

💙 Discuss project idea with BlockChain experts

💙 Research and develop project resources

💙 Begin testing with the contract code

💙 Assign brand identity to visual artist

💙 Finish test stage with the contract code

💙 Deploy the contract on Binance Smart Chain

💙 Develop website and communication channels

💙 Application submitted to multiple coin listing websites

💙 Burned 50% of total supply


🖤 Start presale for early adopters

🖤 Launch on PancakeSwap with locked liquidity

🖤 Submit details for CoinMarketCap listing

🖤 Submit details for CoinGecko listing

🖤 First charity partnership

🖤 Submit details for exchange listing

🖤 The contact of $HTW will undergo 3rd party audits by well known entities to ensure correctness and fairness to the community

🖤 An aggressive marketing campaign will be planned and implemented to ensure the world know about HealTheWorldCoin


🖤 Add more exchange listings

🖤Future Partnerships and Donations

🖤 Expand the devs, identity and marketing teams

🖤 Establish team and realize strategic vision & roadmap

🖤 Start developing $HTW wallet for IOS and Android

🖤 Test Wallet

🖤 Integrate VISA $HTW Card with $HTW Wallet

🖤 Launch Wallet on App Store and Google Play


🖤 Global Recognition Further implementation of the strategic marketing plan will move forward to give HealTheWorld Coin global recognition. 

🖤 HTWPP Expansion
HealtheWorld Partnership Program will expand further to include more charities in order to reach out to as many charities or organizations as possible.


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Marketing Manager



Web Developer

Risk Disclaimer

We want to be clear and transparent with you, you should only invest if you understand the cause and identify with it. You should not invest if you do not know what you are doing and do not have at least basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

This is a community project that works thanks to the contribution of the community, for which the success does not depend directly on the development team, but rather on everyone as a whole.

Our team is and will be integral with the management of the funds so that the mission of this project is fulfilled every day.